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SCI Employee Self Service
Employee Self-Service ("ESS") is an application in Client Self-Service that allows Members to review payroll details, view and modify tax and personal information and access benefits information and enrollment, if applicable.
Your User Name and Password
  • Your User ID will be the combination of "s" + the first letter of your first name + your last name + the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • For example, John Smith with a social security number 123-45-6789 would have a user name of sjsmith6789.
  • The Password is your birth date without slashes. mmddyyyy format.
  • For example, John’s Smith birth date is September 7, 1972, the password would be 09071972
Setup & Functionality
NOTE: You may need to personalize your page to add your Employee Self-Service bookmark.
  • From the Home Page, click Manage Subscriptions
  • To add your ESS bookmark, check the box next to Employee Self Service, then click and drag your selection over to the Layout/Navigation table
  • Once the content is listed in the order you want to see it, click Save
  • Click Reload Portal to return to the home screen and access your information
The Employee Self-Service option will be available in the bookmarks on the left of your screen. Click on this bookmark to expand options.
Pay View Paychecks, Pay History, View/Modify Tax Withholding, Direct Deposit (NOTE: actual time line for processing of Direct Deposit additions/changes may be up to 10 business days)
Personal Info View Personnel Data, Add/Modify Dependents & Emergency Contacts
Employment View Job Profile & History
Benefits If Applicable, View Benefit Plan Data & Complete Enrollment/Changes
Other If Activated, Access Training, Career Management and Other Functions
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